Friday Prayer Time
1st Jumu`ah: 12:30 PM
2nd Jumu`ah: 1:15 PM

School Registration

905- 216-3981


About Shaykh-Waleed

Shaykh Waleed Almakee received his bachelor degree in the principals of Islamic shari`ah (law) and Qur`an at Al-Balqaa University in Amman Jordan. He has had the opportunity to organize and participate in many different initiatives such as:

  • studying under and receiving `Ijaazah from some of the most renowned scholars of today, including Shaykh Muhammad bin `Alawy Almaliky
  • participating in many enriching and diverse programs including; research, program development, outreach support / Islamic dawah and International Muslim Scouts
  • Founder and Imam of Noon Academy Islamic School and Educational Center

His experience working in the schools, both in the Middle East and in North America, has given him great insight into what Muslims of all ages need. His unique middle-way approach is appealing to adults and children and youth find his down-to-earth teaching style relatable and approachable.

Shaykh Waleed and Kids